Constitutional Scavenger Hunt ANSWER Key

A Constitution scavenger hunt can be a fun and interactive way of lesson has students to learn about the Constitution.


Constitution scavenger hunt

Embark on a Constitution scavenger hunt! Explore Preamble’s purpose, Bill of Rights’ freedoms, amendments, and the Electoral College’s role. Discover America’s foundational principles in action.


Constitution resolve conflicts between state and federal

The Constitution resolves state-federal conflicts through the Supremacy Clause, ensuring federal law prevails over state law when they clash, maintaining a balanced power framework.


Constitution what does article

Constitution’s articles lay foundation for U.S. government. Article content varies, addressing powers of branches, states’ roles, amendments, and fundamental rights, shaping the nation’s governance.


Question And Answer

Constitution scavenger hunt answer key

Question 1: What is the Preamble of the Constitution and what does it state? Answer: The Preamble is the introduction to the Constitution. It states the purpose of the Constitution and the goals of the U.S. government.

Question 2: Which article of the Constitution establishes the powers of the Executive Branch? Answer: Article II establishes the powers of the Executive Branch, outlining the role of the President.

Question 3: What is the minimum age requirement to become a U.S. Senator? Answer: The minimum age requirement to become a U.S. Senator is 30 years old.

Question 4: How often does the U.S. Census take place and why is it important? Answer: The U.S. Census takes place every 10 years. It’s important for determining representation in Congress and distributing federal funds.

Question 5: What does the “Supremacy Clause” in Article VI of the Constitution state? Answer: The Supremacy Clause states that the Constitution, federal laws, and treaties are the supreme law of the land, overriding state laws when in conflict.

Question 6: How can the Constitution be amended, and why is this process deliberately challenging? Answer: The Constitution can be amended through a proposal by Congress or a national convention, followed by ratification. The process is challenging to ensure broad consensus.

Question 7: What is the significance of the Bill of Rights? Answer: The Bill of Rights guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms to citizens, protecting them from government infringement.

Question 8: What is the “Elastic Clause” or the “Necessary and Proper Clause”? Answer: The Elastic Clause grants Congress the authority to make laws necessary and proper to carry out its powers.

Question 9: How does the Constitution address the process of electing the President? Answer: The Constitution outlines the Electoral College system, where electors from each state choose the President based on popular vote.

Question 10: What is the process for the ratification of the Constitution? Answer: The Constitution was ratified when nine out of thirteen states approved it through state conventions, allowing direct representation of the people.


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