How many real estate lawyers are there in the US?

How many real estate lawyers are there in the US?

How many real estate lawyers are there in the US?

Real estate attorney demographics research summary.

Zippia’s data science team found the following key facts about real estate attorneys after extensive research and analysis: There are over 7,165 real estate attorneys currently employed in the United States.


There are several types of real estate lawyers in the United States, each specializing in different aspects of real estate law. Some common types of real estate lawyers include:

How many real estate lawyers are there in the US?

How many real estate lawyers are there in the US?

Residential Real Estate Lawyers

These lawyers handle transactions involving residential properties, such as homes, condos, and apartments. They help with buying and selling residential properties, reviewing contracts, and ensuring compliance with local zoning and land use regulations.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial real estate lawyers deal with transactions related to commercial properties, including office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties, and more. They assist in negotiations, lease agreements, property development, and zoning issues for commercial properties.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Real estate litigation lawyers specialize in handling disputes related to real estate transactions. This can include disputes over property boundaries, title issues, landlord-tenant conflicts, and breach of contract cases.

Land Use and Zoning Lawyers

These attorneys focus on helping clients navigate land use and zoning regulations imposed by local governments. They assist property owners and developers in obtaining permits, variances, and approvals for land development projects.

Insurance Lawyers

Title insurance lawyers work with title insurance companies to ensure that property titles are clear and transferable. They investigate and resolve any issues related to property titles, such as liens, encumbrances, or ownership disputes.

Real Estate Finance Lawyers

Real estate finance lawyers deal with matters related to financing real estate transactions. They assist clients in securing mortgages, loans, and other forms of financing for property purchases or developments.

Environmental Real Estate Lawyers

These lawyers specialize in addressing environmental issues related to real estate transactions. They ensure compliance with environmental regulations, assess environmental risks, and handle cases involving contamination or pollution of properties.

Eminent Domain Lawyers

Eminent domain lawyers represent property owners whose properties are subject to government acquisition for public use. They help clients negotiate fair compensation and navigate the legal process involved in eminent domain cases.

Real Estate Tax Lawyers

Real estate tax lawyers assist clients in matters related to property taxes. They may help property owners with tax planning, appeals, and resolving disputes with tax authorities.

Real Estate Investment Lawyers

These lawyers work with investors and real estate investment companies. They provide legal advice on real estate investments, partnerships, and the structuring of real estate investment funds.