What is Vabbing?

Vabbing consists of dabbing a bit of vaginal fluid onto various pulse points, as you would a perfume. “Women either swipe or completely insert a finger into their vagina and then apply the secretions to their wrist, behind the ear, et cetera.

“Women produce about one half to one teaspoon of vaginal discharge on a daily basis. This discharge is usually clear, slightly cloudy, or white.”

The theory is that the vaginal fluids may contain pheromones that would attract potential partners. “A pheromone is a chemical that an animal secretes that influences the behavior of another animal,” says Dr. Wesley. “Animals can use these compounds to mark a territory, sound an alarm, or trigger sexual arousal.”



In short, it’s unclear whether vabbing helps attract a partner or not. “No controlled trials exist to contest the effect of vabbing,” says Karenne Fru, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.O.G., a fertility specialist at Oma Fertility. “Anecdotes to the contrary are more likely coincidence.” Dr. Fru is skeptical of claims that vabbing leads to being approached by potential mates, especially at the gym. “In theory, vabbing relies on the sense of smell,” she explains. “The gym is a place inundated with smells of all kinds, and I’m doubtful that vaginal secretions would be noticed, much less have an effect.”

Dr. Wesley agrees that evidence proving the effectiveness of vabbing is lacking, but there is some research documenting the effect pheromones have on people in general, she adds, citing a preliminary study on the steroid compound, and rostadienone. “Found in the male axillary [underarm] sweat, and rostadienone improves mood and heightens focus in women,” she says.

While vabbing might not be the catalyst for meet-cutes at the gym, “maybe the improved mood and focus of the women, caused by the and rostadienone in the sweat of the men, has improved the women’s confidence, thus making the men more attracted to the women,” suggests Dr. Wesley. That said, scientists haven’t studied the efficacy of vabbing specifically, she notes.



Dr. Fru advises against vabbing, as the trend essentially involves transferring bacteria from the vagina to other areas of the body. (Yes, even healthy vaginal fluid is primarily made up of cells and bacteria.) Additionally, you’ll definitely want to skip the trend if you’re experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge or think you may have a sexually transmitted disease, cautions Dr. Wesley. In that case, you should see a health care provider stat.

However, vabbing may be “generally safe” if you keep proper hygiene in mind and definitely don’t have an infection, according to Dr. Wesley. “It is important to thoroughly wash your hands and fingernails for at least 20 seconds prior to inserting a finger into your vagina. After dabbing to your chosen area, wash your hands again,” she suggests. This will prevent you from spreading any harmful germs to your own vagina and other surfaces.

Vabbing is a good way to attract someone at the gym: true or false?


Vabbing is a good way to attract someone at the gym: true or false?

While vabbing is likely safe to try if you don’t have an infection and you wash your hands before and after touching your vagina, there is currently no scientific evidence as to its effectiveness in helping you attract potential mates at the gym or otherwise. Still, Dr. Wesley doesn’t see a problem with trying it if you’d like to. “In general, I love the idea of vabbing,” she says. “The era of women being confident with their most intimate space is long overdue. As long as participants are using safe and hygienic techniques, then vab away!”