Which of the following statements is false?

Which of the following statements is false?

Which of the following statements is false?

  1. They travel in straight line
  2. Their e/m ratio is same for all gases.
  3. They are made of positively charged particles
  4. These rays produce fluorescence on ZnS Screen.



Be true which as per the questions following statements are false


The e/m ratio of canal rays or positive rays depends on the mass of gas and is different for different gases.

Correct option is (b)


Positively charged particles, also known as cations, play a vital role in the realm of physics and chemistry, as well as in the intricate dance of the subatomic world. These particles carry a surplus of protons compared to electrons, resulting in a net positive charge. The fundamental force responsible for their existence is electromagnetism, which governs the interaction between charged particles.

Positively charged particles are abundant in our universe, and they are crucial for maintaining the delicate balance of matter. In the atomic nucleus, protons are positively charged, holding together the negatively charged electrons in orbit. This binding force is essential for the stability of atoms, and it underpins the formation of all matter, from the smallest molecules to the grandest galaxies.

In addition to their role in atomic structures, cations are also integral to chemical reactions. When atoms lose electrons and become cations, they interact with negatively charged ions (anions) to form compounds. These reactions are the basis of countless chemical processes, from the simple dissolving of table salt in water to the complex biochemistry of life itself.

Beyond their importance in science and chemistry, positively charged particles also hold a metaphorical significance. They represent the potential for positivity and optimism, symbolizing the spark of creation and the driving force of progress in our world.


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