Which of the Following

Which of the Following

Which of the Following


Which of the following statements about a building’s age is MOST accurate?

Remodeling may be cosmetic, concealing defects or creating voids


Which of the following statements regarding the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements is LEAST accurate?

Areas of refuge must be provided in buildings with an automatic sprinkler system


Which of the following is a primary point of failure for the fire resistance test?

Failure to support applied load


Which of the following statements about Type V construction is MOST accurate?

Building codes impose restrictions on the maximum heights and areas of wood frame buildings


Which of the following statements regarding mixed occupancies is LEAST accurate?

Building codes require that all occupancies maintain a 1 to 3 hours separation


Which of the following is a secondary effect of wind?



Which of the following statements regarding dynamic loads is LEAST accurate?

Dynamic loads are applied gradually


Statements regarding factors of safety for avoiding failure points is LEAST accurate?

It is not necessary to use a factor of safety for construction material properties


Structural members is designed to support an axial compressive load?


Statements regarding moving stairs is MOST accurate?

The most common method of protecting the vertical opening created by an escalator is using closely spaced sprinklers in conjunction with draft stops


Statements regarding locating the HVAC equipment room on a roof is MOST accurate?

locating HVAC equipment on a roof makes it easy to eject exhaust air


Statements regarding manual smoke control is MOST accurate?

Manual control eliminates system disruption due to false alarms


Statements regarding flame spread rating tests is the MOST accurate?

For test results to be accurate, specimens must be attached to the furnace with the same materials and methods used in the actual installations


Statements regarding the smoke developed rating is MOST accurate?

The smoke developed rating is a measure of the relative visual obscurity created by smoke from the tested material.


statements regarding roof construction is MOST accurate?

Roof construction may result in concealed spaces between the ceiling and the roof deck.


Statements regarding expansion of buildings is MOST accurate?

Building expansion often impacts exits for the existing building.


Statements regarding installation of mains and hydrants at construction sites is MOST accurate?

The fire department can require the installation of necessary mains and hydrants before construction begins


Regarding typical building code requirements for buildings with limited access is MOST accurate?

Buildings with limited access are generally required to be fully protected by automatic sprinklers


which of the following is correct Statements regarding builder’s hardware used on fire doors is MOST accurate?

Builder’s hardware includes hinges, locks, and closers


Satements regarding test borings is MOST accurate?

Several test borings are usually conducted to determine soil characteristics at a building site


Which of the following is the Statements regarding shallow foundations is MOST accurate?

Shallow foundations usually make use of footings to transmit the load to the soil.

Which of the Following


Materials is found only in older foundation walls?



Satements regarding building settlement is MOST accurate?

Differential settlement occurs when parts of the foundation settle in different amounts


Statements regarding shoring and underpinnings is MOST accurate?

shoring refers to permanent supports for a building


Statements regarding model building codes related to wind loads is MOST accurate?

Model building codes include wind loads as part of the structural design requirements


Is an example of a poor or careless construction method involving sequencing?

Construction of shear walls several floors below the lift-slab erection operation.


Statements regarding the structural design of a building is MOST accurate?

Field changes in structural design can negatively impact design integrity



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